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Rev. Dr. Vernon Meyer

I am orginally from St. Louis, Missouri and I am still an avid St Louis Cardinals baseball fan. I have lived in Arizona over 34 years, serving as a Roman Catholic priest for 31 years and since 2010 I have been pastor in Sun Lakes United Church of Christ. I love to travel, and I have led tours to Israel(24 times), Italy, Spain, France and Germany. I have traveled to China and Tibet as well as Australia and New Zealand.

I am the founding director of the Arizona Center for Theological Studies which is an ecumenical center for scriptural and theological learning. I also am an adjunct faculty member of Grand Canyon University and the University of Phoenix where I teach Scripture and World Religions.

I love classical music, opera, and a big fan of NPR. I am also involved with a clergy group called No Longer Silent/Clergy for Justice which is a group of clergy from a variety of denominations working to end discrimination against LGBT people in the church and in society.

I take my preaching seriously and try hard to look at the deeper wisdom in both the Hebrew/Old Testament scriptures as well as the Christian/New Testament scriptures. I offer various classes at the church during Lent, Advent, and throughout the year.

Know you are always welcome in our congregation and always welcome to join us for Sunday worship, Communion, and fellowship afterwards.

Pastor Vernon

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