Southwest Conference Mission Planning Board Brief description of duties: The Mission Planning Board (MPB) has the responsibility to discern the shared mission of the SWC, and to test whether or not our resources are being fully utilized and wisely stewarded for the sake of that mission. It will set and maintain the long range vision, plan, and mission of the Conference and ensure that we are on track to meet our long range goals. It will meet twice a year in various locations throughout the Conference. It will be a separate and independent body from the Executive Board, not a subsidiary body. It will be comprised of a representative from every church in the Conference, the officers of the Conference, and any SWC representative serving the National structure of the Church.

Primary Purpose: To discern the mission of the SWC Meets twice a year


To discern and communicate the mission of the SWC to the EB and to all covenant partners
To become familiar with the mission goals of the denomination and evaluate the compatibility with our Conference goals
To evaluate the manner in and extent to which our resources are being brought to bear on the mission of the SWC
To identify what resources are currently unavailable to the Conference that might be needed in order to achieve our mission goals
To be aware of the extent to which our long range goals are being inhibited or enhanced by our current practices
To be fully aware of all assets and resources of the SWC
To maintain access to database of individual gifts, talents, and resources that can be called upon to fulfill our mission goals
To review all annual reports produced of the Conference entities and determine whether or not they are functioning to help the Conference achieve its mission
To determine the continued utility or need of any Committee, Board, Ministries, or Task Forces
To evaluate the purpose, need, and work of the Ministries Teams of the SWC
To determine whether or not additional Standing Committees are needed for the sake of the Conference – – – To identify for the Nominating committee the gifts, skills, and talents they feel are essential on the Executive Board
To serve as a liaison between the Conference and the local churches, each of which will have a representative; and to communicate directly to the local churches what is happening in the Conference and Wider Church
To gather twice a year in locations around the Conference for the purpose of completing their tasks
To make use of developing technologies to enable consistent communication throughout the year and to keep current with Conference activities.

Officers of the SWC:

Moderator, Rev. Lee Milligan, Casas Adobes Congregational Church, Tucson, AZ
Moderator Elect, Ms. Jane Cheek, First Congregational UCCPrescott, AZ
Treasurer, Mr. Alan Cochrane, Church of the Beatitudes, Phoenix, AZ
Secretary, Ms. Barbara Nordlund, Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Scottsdale, AZ

Southwest Conference Ministry Teams Brief description of duties:

Ministry Teams (MT) will be called for by the MPB, and will be formed in order that the Conference can live out its shared mission. The MTs will be open tables at which all who feel passionate about, called to, and qualified for that Ministry will be welcome to participate. The by-laws will neither stipulate what teams need to exist, nor will they assume that any team currently created will be needed in perpetuity. As the mission called for by the MPB changes over time, it will be likely that new MTs will have to form while existing ones phase out.

Primary Purpose: To enact the Mission of the Conference


Meet as needed to undertake the mission goals of the Conference
Develop networks of Mission and Covenant Partners whose resources can be utilized to fulfill the mission goals of the SWC
Facilitate and Coordinate the work of our Covenant Partners in the fulfillment of our mission goals
Develop a pool of available resources that can be used to accomplish our mission goals, and find creative ways both to make use of them and to empower our covenant partners to make use of them
Discern emerging needs and communicate to the SWC and its Covenant Partners, and recommend shared responses to those needs
Organize the work of the Ministry Team so that the efforts of all who are participating can be fully utilized and strategically orchestrated
Report to the Mission Planning Board what they are doing to fulfill the mission goals of the Conference, and whether or not there is a continuing need for the Ministry Team to operate
Report to the Executive Board and to the Mission Planning Board how any resources that have been allocated to them have been utilized, and what has been accomplished with those resources

Southwest Conference Executive Board Brief description of duties: The Executive Board (EB) will manage the business of the Conference. It will be comprised of the officers and five at large members. It will be a separate and independent body from the Mission Planning Board (MPB) and not a subsidiary body of the MPB, though it will take strong direction from them to ensure that the assets they manage are utilized for the purpose of our shared mission and long-range goals.

Primary Purpose: To resource the Mission of the Conference and to manage the business of the Conference, meets six times a year


Enact and maintain the policies of the SWC
Develop priorities consistent with the mission of the SWC
Oversee the work of the Standing Committees
Manage the property and assets of the SWC
Create a search committee in the absence of a Conference Minister, and hire an Interim when needed
Establish the budget for the SWC
Oversee the finances of the SWC
Create and maintain any Temporary Committees or Task Forces needed to do the work of the SWC
Determine the staffing needs of the SWC
Coordinate the programming of the SWC
Establish new churches

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