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Disaster can strike at any time. Whether it’s a house fire at 3 a.m. or a 9.0 magnitude earthquake at 3 p.m., a single disaster can change your physical, emotional and financial health in a matter of seconds. And while the American Red Cross and other partner agencies work 365 days a year to prevent and respond to emergencies, disaster preparedness starts with you.

Laughter IS Medicine

Rx: Two laughs a day, repeat as needed

Healthcare providers are taking a revolutionary new look at laughter as actual medicine. After all, the definition of medicine is: A drug or other preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease. Well, move over Prozac, because laughter has been proven to have many physical and mental health benefits.

Am I Too Old For Yoga?

You can do yoga at any age — really! It’s just a matter of picking what type of yoga you do and working within your abilities. It might even help you age better, keeping you flexible and building strength through low-impact moves.

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