COMING SOON: “Change for Change”

The missions and service committee is implementing a new program to support some of the worthy causes helping our brethren near and far away. Starting in 2016, each 5th Sunday, we will be passing a bucket around the congregation during the service and asking everyone to dump in their pocket change (you can also save up loose change at home and bring it to church on the 5th Sunday to place in the bucket). We will be announcing our project each month before the 5th Sunday arrives. January has 5 Sundays; so on January 31, 2016, we will be passing the bucket to collect your loose change for the benefit of the UCC missionaries who work in the field in Nicaragua. They will be coming from the Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix, sometime before our collection, to speak to the congregation about their work in Nicaragua. The months in 2016 in which there are 5 Sundays are: January, May, July and October. Plan ahead to bring your pocket change to church the last Sunday of those months to support whichever service project we will be helping then.

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